Valentine’s Day Outfits From Amazon

Valentine’s day is right around the corner! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite outfit picks for you guys. You can shop these looks from Amazon right from the comfort of your own home!

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xx Megan


  1. 1.13.20
    Katrina said:

    These are so cute! Love those sweaters! I’ve never ordered clothes from Amazon before because I’m nervous about the quality but these are so cute.

  2. 1.13.20
    Jay Naveenan said:

    Lovely selection from amazon! Thanks for sharing.

  3. 1.14.20
    Jessica said:

    I love that pink sweater!

  4. 1.14.20

    I like the white sweater with the heart. Super cute

  5. 1.14.20
    Autumn said:

    All these items have me looking forward to Valentine’s Day! The sweaters are so cute and festive while also being trendy. Great round up!

  6. 1.14.20
    Sarah said:

    I love that heart sweater! I’m a sucker for all things heart and red ♥️

    • 1.17.20
      Megan said:

      Love the cute sweater with the heart!

  7. 1.15.20
    Jess said:

    Never ordered off amazon, maybe i will now

  8. 1.16.20

    These are all such great options! I love the sweaters!!

  9. 1.16.20
    Ann said:

    I love how you have these great selections a month before Valentine’s Day. I’m loving the pink pom pom cardigan. <3

  10. 1.26.20
    Kimberlie said:

    Who knew Amazon had such a wide diversity of dresses and sweaters? I love the frayed hearts sweater and all the dresses you select.

  11. 1.30.20
    Erin said:

    The sweater with the heart looks super comfy!

  12. 2.6.20
    Megan said:

    I adore all of your picks! I’ve ordered several clothing items from Amazon and loved them all!

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