My Work From Home Morning Routine

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Starting the morning off right is the best way to stay productive and focussed through out the day – especially when working from home. Working from home is not the norm for me, but right now and for the unforeseeable future, it is. I’m not going to lie, I do love it, but it takes a lot, of discipline in many aspects! My morning routine differs slightly from day to day, but has been pretty consistent for the most part. I’m a morning person so if choose to sleep in (until 7) and don’t get up when my husband is getting ready work, I feel like I’ve wasted half of the day already (lol). Below is usually how my mornings go!

my work from home morning routine

6:20 – Wake up, brush my teeth, and put on comfy clothes for the day.

6:30 – Log into work and accomplish what I can on my daily “to-do” list.

7:15 – Make breakfast (usually eggs, grits, or oatmeal) and a cup of coffee.

7:30 – Back to work.

9:00 – Probably time for a snack (something seemingly healthy).

11:30 – Time for a workout on lunch, and a yummy strawberry, banana, blueberry & spinach smoothie afterwards.

There you have it! The most important things to me are waking up early and getting started on work so I don’t have as much on my plate as more emails come in. I try to get a workout in everyday and try to eat healthy. I’ve really been loving trying out new recipes lately!

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  1. 7.16.20

    Having a morning routine is super useful – it’s the only way I can make sure that I get any work done since having to work from home!

    I’m the same about getting up early, I hate wasting the day away and would much prefer getting up as soon as I can (what is a lie in any way haha)!

    It’s the best way to be focused and be as productive as I can be through the day – nice post, thanks for sharing x

  2. 7.16.20
    Manju. said:

    Yeah starting up early in the mornin is really helpful.

  3. 7.16.20
    Allison said:

    I need to make a morning routine especially with all of this going on!

  4. 7.16.20
    Alisha said:

    Waking up early is literally the only way I contribute to my business. If I wait to get to work, I get far less done in a day. 🙂

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