Amazon Workout Sets for a Growing Baby Bump

One of my goals during pregnancy was to maintain a workout routine for the duration of it. Let’s just say, that has NOT been happening. However, I am trying to stay active and get back into a fitness routine as I’m about to enter the 3rd trimester.

A little mind trick that has always helped get me back on track with my fitness goals is getting a cute workout set. It’s much easier to do the things you don’t want to do if you feel good about your outfit. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to that! I found a few cute and affordable two-piece Amazon workout sets that are great for a growing baby bump. All of these sets come in multiple different colors, and I’m wearing a size small in all of them.

I absolutely love the green set and how it fits. It reminds me of the Gymshark sets. The only downside is that it’s not as stretchy as the others and may not fit for as long throughout pregnancy.

The white set is very stretchy and ideal if you prefer not to wear full-length leggings during a workout. I have this set in the ivory color option as well and have worn it for the past year, before getting pregnant, and still love it now.

The orange set is the stretchiest and most comfortable making it perfect for a growing bump. It will also provide comfort afterward during post-partum.

green workout set from amazon

white workout set from amazon

orange workout set from amazon


See Them in Motion

Let me know which set is your favorite in the comments down below!
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